Leslie and her husband, Denny, share a heartfelt belief in the essential dignity of each individual and each person’s right to a safe haven...

Leslie and Denny founded “Mamma’s Hands,” a non-profit organization caring for the homeless. Since 1990 Mamma’s Hands has helped 100’s of homeless by reunited families, protecting and housing women and children in crisis, and providing safe haven in an enclave of three shelters in the North Bend area. Consistent with their mission they have been called House of Hope I, II, and III.

The Mission of Mamma's hands is to help those in crisis regain their self-respect and to provide them with the support and direction they need to become productive members of society.

Mamma's Hands give back in two very powerful ways - The Phone Home program and the House Of Hope.


It’s incredible what one phone call home can do.  For the homeless in Seattle, sometimes it’s the difference between staying on and getting off the streets.  The Mamma’s Hands Phone Home Program provides an innovative opportunity for the homeless to reconnect with supportive family and help them make one more step toward a safe and productive life.  Armed with cellular phones, Denny drives a bus full of eager volunteers every Wednesday evening to downtown Seattle. Once there, the phones are distributed among the homeless, allowing them to contact their families and perhaps arrange a way to return home. Thanks to a few phones and hundreds of faithful volunteers, Mamma’s Hands has reunited over a thousand homeless with their families.


Patterned after the nationally recognized St. Martin De Porres Shelter in Chicago and operating under “tough love” principles, the house provides training, counseling, and education to the residents. This helps the resident women break away from the cycle of dependency and realize a future which is positive and self-sustaining. Ultimately, the mothers who choose to put their children’s needs first and commit to a new and better pattern of life are helped in the transition to independent living with much of the follow up services being provided naturally by the new community of families and friends that they become a positive, functional part of.


Volunteers and donations are always welcome at mamma's hands. To learn more please visit our website at: www.mammashands.org/